About Us

Every day’s objects tell secrets to
whom can see and listen to them

Ci vuole un fiore – Gianni Rodari

The idea behind Woonik, handmade luxury wooden bags, comes from the love for nature and the ability to enjoy its different scents and characteristics, from the experience in processing, always with respect, the materials nature offers us.

Alongside this primordial love for nature, there is technology and study of raw materials, as well as awareness in following the evolution of consumers’ tastes and habits.

Through inspiration, research and new ideas we seek to offer more sustainable solutions in order to comply with current perspectives.

Heading towards the best quality, Woonik’s work is connected to the territory and its resources. This confrontation never forgets the needs of the customer and customer himself, as well as the complex dynamics of the market, since it constantly evolves opening up to the contamination of the experience of other craftsmen and territories

In order to create his new products, which are a combination of tradition and innovation, the owner draws inspiration from family traditions and the desire for innovation and new challenges.

It is not the craftsmanship that we must pursue, but the profile and characteristics of the craftsman: his passion for the quality-driven work, his desire to improve in the exercise and deepening of techniques, his roots in a community of practices socially recognized

Richard Sennett, l‘uomo Artigiano

Bearing this in mind, the young owner is always looking for new ideas and tests new materials and their combinations. Moreover, he analyzes the market and its new trends.

During his travels, he approaches new realities trying to implement the secrets of old masters. He is fully aware that the craftsmanship knowledge is an intangible and non-regenerable capital, which however must be adapted to the modern and competitive technologies of the new business era.

What is important is to lift our gaze beyond everyday life.