How We Work

After several researches to find the best materials on the market, always following the essential principle of sustainability and minimum environmental impact, we found the perfect raw materials to fulfill our project.

This idea wants to involve our customers’ senses.

Soft, light, and long-lasting sheepskin, which allows a unique elasticity creating a simple yet refined design.

Rosewood, a wood of Indian origins, widely used in the past for big and small high-quality furniture.

African zebrawood, streaked and perfect to give movement, modifying the shapes and the static lines of an object.

And for the traditional yet no banal people, Canaletto Walnut, it’s perfect for lovers of the classic Italian taste. Although imported, it evokes the quality of the Italian one.

Skilled hands adapt the shapes of the wood and create the particular seams that turn the bag in a real jewel.

The sophisticated choice of essences and precious woods is always the result of a careful research, which pleases the eye. Moreover, the perfect combination of leather’s colors fulfills a rich-in-detail design, such as Woonik wooden bags.

Through a careful selection of the best wooden planks, testing with bare hands the essence of real wood that suits perfectly according to its grain, as well as the hardness and malleability of different types of wood, we start the woodworking. This involves craft techniques established over time, innovations and experiments tested in our headquarters. This is how perfect high-fashion jewels like Woonik’s bags are made.

Great things are done when men and mountains meet”  

William Blake

Woonik Bags are created by means of craftsmanship and patient manual work, combined with the peculiarity of every single piece of wood, create Woonik Bags. These bags are unique and recognizable thanks to the streaks and grains of the raw material, which makes each Woonik bag the perfect accessory to stand out in today’s monotonous world.

Nature itself is unique and unrepeatable. Have you ever seen identical sunrises or sunsets?

Each piece is priceless, due to its beauty and its originality, thanks to the care and precision that characterize our craftsmanship. Different shades and potential imperfections give each Woonik bag uniqueness, thus increasing its intrinsic value.

Woonik’s owner plays an important role in the research of new ideas, high-performance, and unique materials, contemporary and captivating designs. He provides quality control, taking personal care of each Woonik product.